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The Hawaiian language is a beautiful, flowing tongue, capturing the natural beauty of the islands in its tones and phrases. After being suppressed for many years, the language has in recent decades enjoyed a vital renewal, and in 1978 was made an official language in the state constitution. Maui now hosts two Hawaiian language immersion schools, where students can learn math, science, history, and even English using their mother tongue. The number of fluent speakers is rising dramatically, and it is not uncommon to hear Hawaiian spoken in public. Most street names and place names are Hawaiian, and there is an effort to restore original Hawaiian names to places whose names were changed. It is a good sign of respect for your hosts to be able to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly, and to understand some basic phrases. Fortunately, there is a wealth of Hawaiian language resources online, including tutorials and dictionaries.

Ulukau Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library
Journal of Hawaiian Language Resources, Hawaiian Newspapers, The Hawaiian Bible, Hawaiian Dictionaries, and Kamehameha and his Warrior Kekuhaupi'o

Online Hawaiian Dictionary
English to Hawaiian, or Hawaiian to English

Kualono Hale Kuamo`o
The website of the `Olelo Hawai`i Language Program at the University of Hawai`i at Hilo, with extensive Hawaiian language lessons and information, an online dictionary, and free Hawaiian fonts

Kamehameha Schools' Kulaiwi
Hawaiian language distance learning lessons, with streaming video

Coconut Info Coconut Info
"Hawaiian culture software solutions" offering language tutorials, dictionary, fonts with Polynesian diacriticals, place names, etc.

Ka `Olele Hawai`i
Hawaiian language information and lessons, with a comprehensive links page to other resources

'Aha Punana Leo
Hawaiian language immersion program

Mo'o and Lolo's Hawaiian dictionary on-line


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