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Due to Hawaii's isolated geographic location, the islands are among the most biologically diverse areas in the world, with numerous endemic species (found nowhere else). Unfortunately, this also means that Hawaii's fragile ecosystem has a much greater number of endangered and threatened species than any other state. Along with the endemic species, prominent in Hawaii's ecosystem are a couple of dozen Polynesian introduced plants that arrived along with migrations in voyaging canoes. These "canoe plants" along with many endemic species play essential roles in Hawaiian culture, for food, fiber, tools, building materials, medicine and art. Visit these websites to familiarize yourself with the plants of Hawaii, many of which you can see in natural areas.

Maui Nui Botanical Garden
An outstanding collection of the plants of Maui Nui, and a center for environmental education, Hawaiian cultural expression, conservation, biological study, and recreation.

Kipahulu OhanaKipahulu 'Ohana
Custom educational hikes and tours of restored ancient taro patches with many other Polynesian introduced plants at Kapahu Living Farm in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park

'Ahahui Malama i ka Lokahi
Native Hawaiians for the preservation of Hawaiian ecosystems (includes a list for updates on native plant projects and issues)

Canoe Plants
Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai`i
24 plants which serve important roles in the Hawaiian culture, brought to Hawai`i by Polynesian voyagers in their double-hulled canoes

Nahele: Hawaiian Garden
Images and information on endemic and indigenous species, geared to home growers interested in trying their hand with native Hawaiian plants.

Kahanu Garden
National Tropical Botanical Garden's preserve in Hana, Maui

East Maui Taro FestivalEast Maui Taro Festival
This annual spring event in Hana, Maui, is centered around taro, Hawaii's traditional staple food, celebrating the restoration of Hawaiian cultural traditions though music, hula, arts, crafts, food, and more...

Internet Taro FactoryInternet Taro Factory
Contains extensive references on Hawaii's staple food, including history, nutritional value, varities, etc.

POIPoi to the World
Poi facts, recipes and product info

Taro Patch
Virtual Taro Patch
Taro and culture links from Kaua`i Island, including cultural tourism information

Hawaii BooksHawaii Books - Natural History
Reviews of selected Hawaiian natural history books with links to for ordering

Traditional Hawaiian Foods and Their Preparation


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