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The following one-way lists send out information to subscribers on a variety of topics related to Hawaii. Subscribing to one or more of these lists in areas of your interest is a good way to become informed about life in the islands and concerns of the residents.

Also see Interactive Links - Listservers for lists in which you can participate.

Hawaii NewsList
A family of news features, including Ka `Upena Kukui (Hawaii news summaries), Hawai`i Sports News, The Lahaina News, Susan's Music Page and more!

Aloha Guides
A weekly newsletter featuring announcements about The Mining Company's new website features, which are often culturally related. Sign up on The Mining Company's Maui Page.

Hawaii Nation Info
News articles, updates and action alerts concerning the sovereignty/independence movement and Hawaiian issues, rights, and culture. Subscribe by signing into the Guestbook.

Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana
Sign in on the home page to be added to the Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana mailing list and get updates on events and information on Kaho`olawe.

Maui Tomorrow
News articles, hearing notices, action alerts and other information concerning environmental, sustainable development, open space, and related planning issues on Maui. Offers a high-volume list for Maui issues, and a lower-volume list for general Hawaii issues. Subscribe by sending a note to with your name and email included.

Aloha from Hawaii
Occassional newsletter with updates about new features on this website, including some culturally related features - sign up for the list on the home page.

Vote MauiItems concerning the political election process in Maui County. Subscribe by signing into the Guestbook.


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