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If you can't find what you seek in the sites featured in this cultural website directory, these directories, indices, search engines and other tools provide exhaustive listings of websites related to Maui Nui and Hawaii in general, in the areas of culture and other information. We also list Business & Shopping Sites, Visitor Oriented Sites, and Local Media.

General Directories and Search Engines - Maui and Hawaii

Hawai'i Resources
List from UH Manoa Library

Search Hawaii - Cultural & Educational Pages
A list of culture pages and searchable index of all subjects

Hawai`i Catalog of Web Pages - Maui
Comprehensive searchable directory of Maui (and all of Hawaii) websites, after the fashion of Yahoo - simple interface, yet one of the best Hawaii resources

Maui, Hawaii - from The Mining Company
Extracting the best resources from the web around weekly topic areas

Pacific Gold
A range of visitor oriented information and links, including a section on culture

Maui Magic Directory
A listing of some of the many alternative/natural health practitioners on Maui

Planet Hawaii - Maui Directory
Lists useful Maui links

Hawaii Weblopedia
A directory of many good Hawaii sites, with helpful descriptions.

Yahoo's Maui
Yahoo's extensive listing of Maui links on the Web

Yahoo! Get Local: Maui Cities
Yahoo's "Get Local" feature offers links within some of Maui's main towns

Excite Travel - City Net - Maui, Hawaii

Galaxy's Maui Index

Hawaii WWW "Things"
Michael Ogden's collection of Hawaii-related links

Hawai`i Home Page
Extensive links to other Hawai`i sites and servers on the World Wide Web

Three Shields Hawaii
A directory of Hawaii-related Web sites.

Online Hawaii
A selection of valuable website for researching Hawaii maintained as a service of the Hawaii State Public Library System

America's Best - Hawaii
"Where People Come to Find What They Need"

Metroscope HawaiiSome good Hawaii links in categories

Universe Hawaii
Lists of Hawaii links in various categories

Global Index - Maui Community Page
A few links of interest

Visitor Oriented Directories

Maui Island Guide

Vacation Planning Guide for Maui

Hawaii Main Index - Maui Island
Visitor oriented links in various categories

Hawaii Guide
More visitor oriented links

Go Explore Hawaii
Still more visitor links

Best of Hawai`i
And still more...

Business and Shopping

Hawaii Hypermedia
Local Business Directory

Mall Hawaii
Many commercial sites from Hawaii

Hawaii Trader
Hawaii's Classifieds Website

Hawaii TravelPhone - Complete Maui Listings
Look up residents and businesses

USA Online - Hawaii
Online yellow pages for businesses in the state of Hawaii

Local Media

The Maui News

The Haleakala Times

Maui Time Weekly

Maui Weekly

Akaku: Maui Community Television


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