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Interested in gaining deeper knowledge about some aspect of Hawaiian culture and history than what is available on the web? The following links provide resources for further study in various topic areas.

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Hawaii BooksHawaii Books!!
Directory of Hawaiian subjects with reviews and links to for ordering

Hawaii BooksHawaii History and Sovereignty Bibliography
Order books from and support Hawaiian sovereignty

Canoe Plants
"Canoe Plants" Bibliography
Resources on the plants of Hawai`i and their many cultural uses

PVSPolynesian Voyaging Society Bibliographies

Hawaiian Petroglyph Bibliography

Annexation and Overthrow Bibliography
Compiled by the Staff of the Hawaii & Pacific Section, Hawaii State Public Library System

Hawaii's Last Queen
Hawaii's Last Queen Bibliography
The American Experience on PBS TV
Aired Monday, January 27, 1997

Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today
A 250-page book that profiles living Hawaiians and their modern practice and perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture (online samples and order form)


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