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The ancient Polynesians arrived in Hawaii in waves of migrations centuries ago on double-hulled voyaging canoes, precisely navigating over thousands of miles of open ocean without instruments. In recent years, and art of voyaging has been renewed, and three Hawaiian canoes, the Hokule`a, Hawai`iloa and Makali`i, have joined others from all over Polynesia in historic voyages throughout the Pacific Ocean. A number of other canoes are now being built on all the islands, including Maui. These vessels, and the heritage they embody, are a source of great cultural pride, and a worthy topic of study for the culturally interested visitor.

PVS Sail Glyph
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Information on the traditional double-hulled canoes Hokule`a, Hawai`iloa, and Makali`i

Maui Sailing Canoes
Maui Sailing Canoes
"...the most uniquely Hawaiian eco tour on Maui.
Sail into Hawaii's ancient past aboard the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Hina."

Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai`i
24 plants, brought to Hawai`i by Polynesian voyagers in their double-hulled canoes, which all serve important roles in the Hawaiian culture, for food, fiber, medicine and art.


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